SC24 Workshop: High Performance Python for Science at Scale (HPPSS)


Expanding scientific discovery with High-Performance Computing through Python at scale.


This workshop aims to connect researchers, developers, and Python practitioners to share their experiences scaling Python applications and codes on supercomputers. The goal is to provide a platform for topical discussion of best practices, hands-on demonstrations, and community engagement via open-source contributions to new libraries, runtimes, and frameworks. Based on invited talks that survey and summarize the best practices and recent success stories, panel sessions that discuss details of implementation and live demo sessions for hands-on enthusiasts – the workshop will serve as a requirements gathering exercise for the future of Python in HPC and science.

Atlanta, Georgia, November 17-22, 2024

HPPSS will take place on Monday, November 18th from 2 PM - 5:30 PM ET.

Diversity and Inclusion

This workshop pledges to follow the SC24 Code of Conduct. Please visit the SC24 Code of Conduct.